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Borealis Birth
Jocelyn Brown CPM, LDM
Borealis is located in the North Tabor neighborhood. We offer global maternity care, home birth, water birth, well-woman GYN care, and will also attend your birth a freestanding birth center. Borealis believes that where you plan to give birth and who you choose to accompany you through this process are highly personal decisions that only you can make. We believe that choice and trust are as important as lining up the best medical resources available. Our goal is to balance evidence-based recommendations with individualized support so that you are able to make decisions with clarity and confidence. Other offerings: doulas, monitrice services, and placenta encapsulation.

Cedar Midwifery
Megan Felling CPM, LDM
Susannah Wright CPM, LDM
1223 NE Alberta Ave.
Portland OR 97212
We believe that birth is a natural process, and we trust the wisdom of women’s bodies to birth their babies in their own unique ways. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and compassionate midwifery care. The Cedar midwives provide high quality evidence based care throughout pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. We hope to facilitate a birth experience that is fulfilling, empowering, and meets the unique needs of individual women and families.

Earth Mama Midwifery
2514 SE 67th Ave Portland OR, 97206
Nicole Bendotoff, CPM, LDM
Angela Beach-Hart, CPM, LDM
Earth Mama Midwifery offers individualized and competent midwifery care to support the natural process of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Our care is focused on building a relationship of trust with our clients, which is essential to a positive and healthy birth experience. We strongly value informed choice and offer unbiased information to help you make the best decisions for the health of you and your baby. We believe women know their bodies and babies best, and thus encourage women to trust themselves with their health. We support women regardless of race, religion, age, income, gender, sexual orientation or the makeup of their family. We recognize that birth is a very sacred experience and hold the utmost respect for families and their needs for privacy and confidentiality.

Full Bloom Midwifery
Kelli McIntosh CPM, LDM
Portland, OR
Full Bloom Midwifery offers personalized care for the childbearing year. We believe birth is safe and honor the family during this sacred time. Offering homebirth, waterbirth, nutritional counseling, placenta encapsulation and more. Free initial consultation.

Full Moon Midwifery
Celeste Kersey CPM, LDM
Canby, Oregon
I am committed to the sacredness of the birth process and to assisting women and families in this time of transformation through my individualized care.

Glow Midwifery

Angela Truby LDM, CPM
4031 SE Salmon Street    Portland, OR
Licensed midwife and founder, Angela Truby LDM, CPM serves growing families from Glow Midwifery’s cottage clinic in the heart of SE Portland, providing holistic, relationship-based prenatal care, natural childbirth preparation for body, mind and spirit, home birth and water birth expertise, knowledgeable breastfeeding support, and comprehensive postpartum care for the new mother and baby. Great Love Opens the Way (Glow)—this is the guiding philosophy of Glow Midwifery.  However babies make their passage into the world, it is great love that defines the very act of giving life and giving birth. Whether you are pregnant or just considering home birth with a midwife for the future, contact Angela to schedule a free consultation!

Inner Serenity Midwifery
Tia Rich CPM LDM
10432 SW 52nd Ave, Portland, OR
Inner Serenity Midwifery offers personalized midwifery care to support the natural process of conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Care with me is a biodynamic relationship uniquely built and individualized with each family, which I feel is essential to optimize a positive, healthy and safe birth experience. Inner Serenity Midwifery is built around transparency and your right to make informed choices. I will offer unbiased information and my clinical expertise to help you make the best decisions for the health of you and your baby. I truly believe women intuitively know their bodies and babies best, and strongly encourage women be in charge of their own health. I support women regardless of race, religion, age, income, gender, sexual orientation or the makeup of your family. Confidentiality in your care is of utmost importance. To me pregnancy and birth are a sacred journey that I delight in helping women and families experience.

Jesica Dolin CPM LDM
Portland, OR
Providing births at home and at a licensed birth center. Please call or email for a free interview!

Magnolia Tree Midwifery
Elizabeth Schroeder, CPM, LDM, BSM
We offer home birth, water birth, VBAC, and family-centered birth for women in the Portland Metro area. We believe in the power of birth to change women and families. We are watchful but hands-off for most births, while ready to spring into action if needed. At Magnolia Tree Midwifery you will receive care that is personalized to your own situation and choices. Also offering well-woman/person care and doula care. We welcome LGBTQ people and families.

The Natural Midwife
Cristyl Garner, CPM, LDM ~ 503.367.6767
Birth and Well-Woman Care in Your Home. I serve SE Portland, Clackamas, Gresham and outlying areas. My mission is to provide excellent well-woman care, to help women birth in a safe manner in their own home, and to educate women in their choices regarding their personal healthcare. Call me and we can set up a free consultation in your home.

Nest Midwifery
Laurie Perron Mednick, CPM,LDM, ICCE ~ 503.449.4465
Kimberly Kincade, CPM, LDM ~ 503.515.8711
333 NE Russell St. #204, Portland OR 97212
Nest midwives trust the birthing process while diligently assessing the well-being of both mother and baby. We provide professional experience with a focus on deep listening to each client’s needs. Services include homebirth, waterbirth and lactation support. Most insurances are accepted. Call a Nest midwife with your questions about homebirth or to schedule your free consultation for our midwifery care. Serving Portland and Vancouver WA.

Northwest Community Midwives
Susan Moray, CPM, LDM
Portland, Oregon
(503) 230-2831
NW Community Midwives view pregnancy and birth as a sacred passage, a fundamentally healthy process. We promote wellness and positive attitudes about birth and parenting offering the following services: homebirth, waterbirth, many insurance plans accepted including Oregon Health Plan & a sliding scale fee.

Portland Natural Birth Midwifery
Mirra Nerenberg, CPM, LDM
Portland, Oregon
(503) 432-7379
Portland Natural Birth provides comprehensive midwifery services that support a healthy pregnancy, promote a natural birth and a holistic, postpartum recovery. We believe birth is a natural process and strive to support and nurture a woman’s belief and trust in her own abilities. Through individualized and compassionate care, we support women in making well-informed decisions to help nurture an empowering birth experience for every woman and family. Email or call us to schedule a free consultation.

Rosehip Midwifery
Heather Hack-Sullivan CPM, LDM
6738 SE 62nd
Portland OR 97206
Pregnancy and birth are amazing and unique experiences. At the same time having a baby is the most everyday thing in the world-it is happening somewhere right now! We believe that pregnancy and birth are both sacred and ordinary. Our bodies are made and able to do this astounding work of growing and birthing new life.
We strive to support you and your vision of your birth. Our services include comprehensive prenatal care, home birth, water birth, postpartum care for both mama and baby, childbirth education classes, breastfeeding support, well-woman care (pap smears and exams), family planning, sibling preparation, and placental encapsulation.
Our office is a cozy cottage located behind Heather’s home. Tea and healthy snacks are served as we meet to chat and check in on mama and baby. The whole family is welcome to join us. We love to get to know you! Call for a FREE consultation.

Two Rivers Midwifery
Silke Akerson, CPM, LDM
Two Rivers Midwifery offers personalized and respectful home birth care. We work as a team of two skilled midwives, supporting and guiding you through your pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Our initial consultation is free. We’re happy to talk about your plans and options for prenatal care, birth and beyond. We are honored to share in the growth of your family.

Unfurling Birth Midwifery Services
Catherine Bailey, CPM, LDM
2124 SE Oak St.
Portland, Oregon 97214
Phone: (503) 310-9715
At Unfurling Birth and Midwifery, we offer personal, individualized care for all natural childbirth and well-person gynecology needs from puberty, through the childbearing years, and beyond. We believe that birth is a natural, physiological process. At births, we are present to think quickly when changes need to be made to protect the well-being of the mother and/or baby, but most of the time we are simply quiet witnesses to the physiological process of birth. We believe that people hold great intuitive knowledge about their bodies and well-being and we respect and support the clients’ role in their care. Informed choice is a key aspect of our midwifery care in which we offer information and support so that you can make your own health care decisions for you and your baby. We enjoy working with families of all types and structures, and from all cultures and faiths.

Vivante Midwifery
Amy Jo Rist, CPM, LDM
2928 SW Hawthorne, Suite 107 Portland, Oregon
Phone: 503-652-8076
Vivante Midwifery offers homebirth services in the Portland metro area, including prenatal care, labor and birth/waterbirth, postpartum care for mother/baby, and gynecology services. We are a unique collaborative practice of Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) and Certified Professional Midwives (CPM), and we are covered by most insurance providers.

Wild Rose Midwifery
Kristen Downer CPM, LDM
Adele Rose CPM, LDM
Our goals are to optimize maternal and child health and strengthen family bonds, and our desire is that all families have a healthy baby and a favorable birth experience. Childbirth is one of life’s most significant events and childbirth is a family centered event, the role of the midwife is to enhance, not usurp, the family’s choices. We view birth as a safe and natural process, honoring that every woman’s journey to motherhood is unique. It is our goal to safeguard the physical and emotional health of the mother and baby through individualized, evidence based care. Between the two of us, we have been fortunate enough to have attended well over 1,000 births.

Birth Centers

Alma Midwifery Service
1608 SE Ankeny St.Portland, OR 97214
(503) 233-3001
We offer homebirth, birth center and waterbirth options in the greater Portland, Oregon area. Our midwives would be happy to talk with you more about midwifery care and the services that Alma Midwifery offers. We are also happy to schedule a free interview so that you can tour our licensed birth center, meet the midwives, and discuss any question you may have.

Andaluz Waterbirth Center
Birth Centers in Tualatin and Portland
Birth Centers in Tualatin and Portland:
Portland Center – 3323 SW Naito Pkwy Portland, OR 97239
Tualatin Center – 19255 SW 65th Ave Ste. 220 Tualatin, OR 97062
We are a group of midwives who will serve you during your pregnancy and birth, in our birth centers or your home. We provide continuity of care in a warm and safe environment and have collectively attended over 3,500 births. We have the option of two birthing centers: Tualatin and SW Portland. Our beautiful birth rooms have queen size beds and large birthing pools. Call us for a free consultation with a licensed Certified Professional Midwife. We are passionate about birth!

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