Eugene Area

Homebirth Midwives

Flower of Life Midwifery
Amanda Moore, CPM, LDM
Eugene, OR 541.520.8394
Complete in-home midwifery services. VBAC & Waterbirth.

Indigo Moon Midwifery
Renée Bisnaire CPM, LDM
82087 Lost Creek Rd
Dexter 97431
(541) 937 2437
Homebirth Midwifery services, Newborn and Well Woman care in and around Eugene.

Labor of Love Midwifery Services
Carla Viles, DEM
Eugene, OR 97402
Phone: (541) 688-7116
Give birth in the safety and comfort of your home supported by an experienced community midwife.

Passage Ways Midwifery
Bethel Belisle, DEM
Phone: 541-321-3204
Providing individualized comprehensive midwifery care throughout the childbearing year. VBAC and water birth.

Ten Moons Rising Midwifery Service
Elise Hansen, LDM
541 W. 21st Avenue Eugene OR 97405
Phone: 541-953-8673
Supporting gentle, non-interventive birth; complete in-home prenatal care, homebirth services, water labor and birth, newborn care through six weeks and breastfeeding support.

Colleen Forbes LDM, CPM
Homebirth Midwifery services in Eugene/Springfield

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