Southern Oregon

Home Birth Midwives

Blossoming Birth
Micaela Evans, CPM LDM
Blossoming Birth offers home birth midwifery care. Micaela is a mother and licensed midwife in Williams, Ore. I support your blossoming family with full prenatal, birth, and postpartum midwifery care. As a postmodern midwife, I carry ancient wise woman wisdom passed down from my midwifery preceptors and blend this with the modern medical knowledge of birth. Home birth is ancient, sacred, beautiful, and safe for most pregnant women. There is a wide range of normal in birth, and I am trained to know this normal and hold space for each birth to unfold its own way. I interfere with this natural process as little as possible while supporting the healthy physiology and hormones of birth. Please see my website for more about who I am and how I practice. Blessings!

Cara Frantz, CPM LDM
Blending the spiritual art of traditional midwifery with the medical knowledge of today, through a background in emergency medicine, continued education, experience & being a mother of two; I support families safely without compromising the beauty & tenderness of their birthing journey. Individualized continuity of care through both physical support & open dialogue; provides a trusting openness that encourages parents to ask questions & express their own thoughts. I also offer Aquatic Support Sessions, in a private warm pool to enhance the circulation & health of a woman’s pregnant & non-pregnant body. Care from preconception to late transfers. Insurance and self-pay flexible billing.

Moonstone Midwifery
Jessica “Veege” Ruediger CPM, LDM
Your choices count. Your birth experience matters. Quality prenatal, home birth, and postpartum services designed to support and facilitate a healthy and happy welcoming for your new baby.

Nurtured Roots Midwifery
Shauna Kenealey, LDM, CPM, IBCLC
We offer a biodynamic model of care that allows each baby’s pregnancy and birth to unfold in its own unique way. While well-being of mother and baby are the center of midwifery care, we understand that there is a realm of what is normal for each pair. We are committed to providing woman-centered, individualized care to meet the needs of each woman, and her family, in this powerful time of growth and transformation.

Oak Grove Midwifery
Jenn Head, CPM, LDM, LM
Ashland, OR
Oak Grove Midwifery is a partnership of midwives that provide compassionate, supportive home birth midwifery care for healthy mothers and babies. We embrace the journey of the childbearing year, from pregnancy through birth and breastfeeding as a normal, natural process.

Three Sisters Midwifery
Rhione Zeixchel LDM
1-541-833-0999 (you must dial “1” from a land line)
or 541-899-6877
Serving Medford, Ashland, Jacksonville, Ruch, Applegate, Williams, Grants Pass, Phoenix, Talent, Gold Hill, and surrounding areas. Offering Complete midwifery care, preconception through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Homebirth, Waterbirth.

Birth Centers

Baby Catchers and Company, LLC
Jeanne Stagner, CNM NP
1900 Main Street, Suite B
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Office (541)887-8321
Fax (541)887-8322
Jeanne Stagner is a Certified Nurse Midwife and licensed as a Nurse Practitioner in the state of Oregon. The care she offers is personal and tailored to each client’s specific needs. Births are attended at home or the Klamath Birth Center. Hydrotherapy is available at the Klamath Birth Center for your enjoyment. We also offer free 30 minute meet and greet appointments, house calls, primary care and wellness visits, and breastfeeding support. Se habla Espanol.

Rogue Birth Center LLC
Willa Woodard Ervin CPM, LDM
1453 Redwood Circle
Grants Pass, OR 97527
P 541.916.8333
F 541.916.8222
Our beautiful birth center is nestled in a comfortable home complete with raised garden beds, fruit trees and vines, and a multitude of flowers. We are the only CPM-owned and run facility in Southern Oregon, serving all of Southern and Central Oregon, the Oregon Coast, and Northern California. With two birth suites, practitioner room, reception and lounging area, full kitchen, lab and laundry facility, and private midwife/student apartment we offer comfort and truly personalized care to each of our clients. Both of our spa-like birth suites have queen-sized beds featuring luxury linens, oversized waterbirth tubs, on-suite showers and facilities complete with extra-soft towels and spa robes. We provide full continuity-of-care for preconception, prenatal, labor and birth, and postpartum care. Rainbow Light and Smarty Pants vitamins, tinctures, and Moonlodge products available. Prepare to be pampered for your birth!

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