ONLINE: Preventing Back Pain In Pregnancy (and in life!)

In this course, midwives and other care providers will learn techniques that research has shown to be effective in preventing and correcting back pain. Students will learn how to:

1. Practice inhibitory thinking in order to prevent automatic patterns of neuro-muscular dysfunction. (“Pause”)

2. Practice self-talk that results in increased dynamic postural tone. (“Lighten Up”)
3. Recognize common patterns of misalignment to compensate for changes in mass with pregnancy.
4. Employ a competent “Position of Mechanical Advantage” (Monkey) and teach it to their pregnant and new parent clients.

5. Suggest movement, postural and cognitive strategies to their clients to mitigate common, automatic patterns of compression and misalignment.
This course has been approved by MEAC for 4 hours of continuing education. This course is a fundraiser for the Oregon Midwifery Council.

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