Eugene Area

Homebirth Midwives

Christy Pellicer CPM, LM, LDM
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Offering homebirth services in and around Eugene.

Indigo Moon Midwifery
Renée Bisnaire CPM, LDM
82087 Lost Creek Rd
Dexter 97431
Homebirth Midwifery services, Newborn and Well Woman care in and around Eugene.

Ten Moons Rising Midwifery Service

Elise Hansen, LDM, CPM
541 W. 21st Avenue
Eugene OR 97405
Supporting gentle, non-interventive birth; complete in-home prenatal care, homebirth services, water labor and birth, newborn care through six weeks and breastfeeding support.

Colleen Forbes LDM, CPM
Colleen Forbes LDM, CPM
Colleen has been a licensed midwife since 2002 and has recently become certified as Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Services include complete prenatal care with an emphasis on nutrition, home birth services and postpartum care more mom and baby with lactation support.

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