Birth and the Human Future Conference

Title: Birth and the Human Future Conference
Location: Dexter OR
Description: The conference Birth and the Human Future will be held at Lost Valley Education Center, 81868 Lost Valley Lane, Dexter, Oregon, 97431 from 9 AM to 5 PM on August 15, 2014. We will be open at 8 AM for registration.

The cost is $40, which includes two meals. An “early bird special” reduces the cost to $35 until July 15. Cost for “day of” registration is $50. This is to cover the expense of creating extra information packets and extra meals in a rural location miles from the nearest shopping/service area.

Further information and registration at; there is also a Face Book page, Birth and the Human Future. Clicking “plan to attend” on the Face Book page does not substitute for registration.

The workshop will review aspects of birth which influence human culture and health down into the future. There are two broad areas which will be reviewed in the morning sessions.

The first is the physiology and hormonal aspects of birth, highlighting how birth which is not interfered with leads to optimal opportunity for deep bonding between mother and child. Anthropological studies will be reviewed including the history of separation of mother and baby after birth and how this influences the nature of society. Information on the high level of awareness present in the newborn infant is emphasized, with discussion of attaining optimal bonding even when complications require intervention.

The second session introduces the Micro Biome Research, in which the genetic code of the micro-organisms which live in and on the human body is being sequenced and analyzed. This major endeavor involves 80 research centers and more than 200 scientific researchers, and the analysis is ongoing. The inheritance of an intact micro-biome during birth and the neonatal period seems to affect the life-time health of an individual, leading to fewer allergies, auto-immune disorders, obesity, and many other possible effects. Some hospitals have already made changes in their mother-baby policies as a result of this research, for example, immediate skin to skin contact of mother and baby and delaying the baby’s first bath for 24 hours.

After lunch, we will have break-out sessions, then a panel discussion, then the closing. Presenters include Jill Cohen, long-time home birth midwife who is now an in-hospital mother-baby nurse; home birth midwives Eneyda Spradlin-Ramos and Gail Hart; Dr. Fernando Molina; and Jan Tritten, midwife and editor/publisher of Midwifery Today magazine.

Copied below is a recent promo piece describing the event.

Further questions or comments? E-mail me. Thanks again for your attention to this. Marion

Marion Toepke McLean
541-937-3034 (home)
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38574 Dexter Rd.
Dexter, Oregon 97431

Start Time: 08:00
Date: 2014-08-15

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