About Midwifery Care


Midwives are with women through the transitions of childbearing. Midwives provide respectful prenatal, birth, and postpartum care for healthy mothers and infants. Midwives also provide well-woman care throughout the life cycle. When a woman or baby’s needs fall outside midwifery scope of practice, midwives refer to other qualified practitioners.

In midwifery care, mothers, midwives, and families are partners in creating a healthy pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Midwives provide excellent clinical care and education with a focus on informed choice, honoring the mother and family as the center of the process. Midwifery care is grounded in the belief that pregnancy and childbirth are normal life processes.

Midwives take the time to know their clients so they can provide personalized care that is responsive to the values and goals of each mother and family.

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